I have always been interested in travel and culture. I was nine years old when I first travelled to Papua New Guinea – an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. Since then, I’ve travelled to over twenty countries and lived on five continents.

I grew up in Australia – a multicultural society built on immigration. My family ancestry has been traced back to the Moors – a group of Muslims who travelled from North Africa to Spain. My biological father was born in Eastern Europe and my stepfather was born in Goa, India. I grew up in a multi-racial family although at the time I didn’t know it. Looking back, I think my childhood impacted my life in so many ways because it instilled a curiosity for travel and culture.

My mum is an excellent cook, so from a young age I was exposed to the incredible cuisine of India. I remember she would spend hours in the kitchen whipping up delicious Goan recipes. Now my two sons love Indian food such as biryani – the hotter the better! I’m glad they’re expat kids because they have learnt so many valuable lessons in life such as respecting other religions and cultures.

I love my work as a TV presenter, entrepreneur and writer in Qatar because it puts me in touch with people from all walks of life and backgrounds. In the beginning, I started writing food reviews for a magazine. Then I became the presenter for an online food series and had the opportunity to interview celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and Nobu Matsuhisa.

My media content and direction are constantly evolving because I am interested in so many subjects – sustainability, female empowerment, culture, art and fashion plus food of course! It’s a super exciting time to be living in Qatar because the country is progressing and evolving in so many ways. As a nine-year-old in Papua New Guinea – I had no idea my passion for travel would lead me to Qatar. I’m so glad it did.