“As soon as I finished college I decided to travel and come to the Middle East. Most people in Latin America dream to travel to Europe but I think I was a little bit different from the rest. Since high school, I used to talk with my friends about the Middle East. For me, the way how they dress and the culture was something I wanted to experience by myself.

Two days before my graduation, I traveled to UAE with all of my savings, I used it to buy my ticket and for my expenses, for the 21 days, I stayed there. I fell deeply in love with the culture, the food, and the lifestyle in this part of the world. I remembered I came during August and it was Ramadan, it was a whole new experience because as a Christian and a Latina, I never heard about this celebration.

After I went back I remember I started to cry when I reached Costa Rica and I said to myself I need to find a way to move to the Middle East (it was a weird feeling but what I can say is that I feel I belong to this side of the world).

Four years later, Qatar Airways had an open day in the capital of my country, San Jose, and I decided to apply. Believe it or not, from that open day, I was the only one chosen. Four months later I was already in Qatar and that happened more than 5 years ago.

Moving to Qatar and the Middle East has been the best thing that happened to me. I had the opportunity to learn so many things and understand that we are not that different; they have a lot in common with Latino culture. For example, the love and respect we have for the family as well as the way of living; trying to enjoy life to the maximum.

I love all that Qatar has to offer. Plus, it is one of the safest countries in the world that allows you as an ex-pat to discover and enjoy the country. My favorite places are Fuwairat to relax and Lusail when I want to go for a walk.

I don’t know what is in the future but I know for sure I will be here for many more years embracing this culture and all that this place has to offer.”

-Natasha Avila (Costa Rica)