“Qatar is my Arabian fairy tale. I think it would be the best explanation for it.

Have I ever thought that I, a Russian girl, would ever move to the Middle East? Yes, I knew it and I really felt some kind of I would say connection with this part of the world. And I think that my passion for sports and the huge potential of Qatar to become the best sports hub in the world became the winning argument in my decision to choose this beautiful country as my second home.

I have graduated from the Moscow State Institute of International relations. My bachelor’s program was devoted to International Management and Business Administration and my masters’ to International Economics. My university built my personality a lot and gave me a huge basis for work in an international environment. After working for 2 years in an oil company I took an important decision to switch to the sports industry as I have been practicing sports all my life and it was of huge interest to me as a super active person. I joined Dinamo Moscow volleyball club as an organizing director of the Champions League and a Chief Press officer and SMM director. The five incredible years in volleyball gave me a lot of experience and I was sure that it was time to move on to a new adventure.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia was a great opportunity to try something new. The FIFA World Cup in Russia sounded super exciting. My home country hosted the best World Cup in the history of FIFA and I was honored to be part of it. During the event, I was taking care of the delegation from Qatar working with the Qatar Embassy in Russia. That’s how I found my way to this beautiful country. My working experience at the Mega Sports Events like Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup and in the sports field, in general, is now of great help to Qatar in the events it is organizing.

I am living in Qatar for almost two years now. And I sincerely love it here. I think that during the world pandemic it has been the best place in the world to live- super safe, super organized. Here people care a lot about each other, follow the rules of the country, building together with an amazing society that is aimed at achieving big goals keeping in mind Qatar National vision 2030.

Here everyone is practicing sports, motivating each other, playing padel, cycling, running, going to the gym. Qatar is a place where people are highly educated and play a huge role in the international arena such as the Doha Forum and Qatar Economic forum.

Qatar is the place where I met my friends for life. Where I learned to commit to what I am doing, following the traditions and respecting the culture.

Qatar is now my second home, the place where dreams and opportunities do come true. I am super excited about all the events coming to Qatar in the near future- the 2021 Arab Cup, 2022 FIFA World Cup, 2030 Asian games, hopefully, 2027 Asian Cup, and 2032 Summer Olympic Games. Thinking about these events and having goosebumps as I would be happy to be part of all these events. Inshallah.

Now I am also working on my blog to tell the world about Qatar. I have quite a big audience reading my content from Russia, Europe, and Latin America. And I would be happy if they would learn more about Qatar and would be motivated to visit it before, during, or after the World Cup. Qatar is becoming a great destination for tourists around the world and I am happy to break some stereotypes about it, show the best places and share my experiences here. Especially for tourists from Russia, Qatar can become a very popular destination.

After the recent Economic Forum in St.Petersburg, where Qatar was a guest country, a lot of agreements were achieved and I am expecting a big improvement in the bilateral economic, cultural, and tourist relations between the two countries. And to tell the truth, I am also very proud to hear great words from Qataris traveling to Russia, about their great experience there. I am happy that people here love my home and I hope that Russia will also become one of the most popular destinations for people living in Qatar.”