Have you heard about it? The new beauty store, EYV, has been the talk of the town among Qatar’s beauty enthusiasts. EYV, which stands for ‘Embrace Yourself Vending’ is a beauty shop all stored in a vending machine!

EYV launched its first-ever post on Instagram back on April 30th and has gradually built up its brand among the ladies in Qatar. The store both delivers their products to your doorstep and provides them in their vending machine at Doha Festival City. They sell products from skincare, body care, and hair care. Some of the notable ones that we saw on their Instagram are CeraVe, The Ordinary, Nexxus Haircare, and many more!

Even with the options of getting it delivered to your doorstep, we discovered that many people in the All & About community have shared and uploaded Instagram stories of them visiting Doha Festival City to see and check out the cute vending machine located at the little corner of Welcome Court K (opposite of Dune, next to River Island). To get there, we suggest best that you enter from Gate 2, turn to your first route to the right and continue to go straight until you reach the first escalator you see, you will be able to spot the vending machine on your left.

It is no surprise that their store is gaining so much attention due to its unique system of purchase. The EYV store has everyone feeling like a kid waiting eagerly for their candy or chocolate bar to drop down the vending machine, whereas in this case, people would wait for their beauty products. EYV has left us with such an incredible impression of the true ‘beauty on the go’ experience. No pushy sales people to convince you to get a certain product and effectively preventing long queues at a cashier. EYV serves you to take all your sweet time during your shopping experience of their beauty products.


You can contact EYV Qatar or stay updated with their latest products on their Instagram & Snapchat (with the username ‘EYV.Q’). You can also order from their Whatsapp directly +974 70710177.

Wouldn’t you like to try buying their skincare products with their vending machine? Head to Doha Festival City today!