We have witnessed our community grow and expand on all our platforms as we introduce more Qatar expatriates’ stories and lifestyles. As we come across different people within our community, we discover more and more unique smaller groups of communities such as mom influencers, food & travel bloggers, and many more. On-site gatherings and activities became extremely difficult to do during the pandemic. Yet it did not discourage but inspired us to engage with our communities online.

With exhibition spaces being closed down temporarily during the lockdown, we want to help our local artists living in Qatar to be able to continue showcasing and expressing their creativity in our art store!

We’re very happy to announce the beginning of our new platform with our first artist on board, Cristina Dinu.



Cristina Dinu is a self-taught artist, hailing from Romania and now based in Doha, Qatar. Cristina moved to Qatar in 2010 and since then, has been active with her on her artistic side. She believes that art is a part of everyone’s life in some way or the other and also wanted to bring the creative ideas that she had in her mind out into life. With this idea in mind, Cristina formed BON TON Boutique, a space for her beautiful art collection.

Her favorite mediums are watercolour, acrylic and oil, with preferred themes inspired by life in the Middle East and nature in general.


Check out some of Cristina’s art pieces here:





You can purchase Cristina’s creative works here:  https://allandabout.com/store/