If there’s anything we’ve learned in the past few months, it is how to have fun at home. For many of us, the lockdown period has given us more time on our hands than we ever had, and for the rest of us, we’re confined to the four walls of our homes, either attending online classes or working.

It’s time to distance ourselves from this dull atmosphere and start doing small, productive things so that we can look back and be proud of ourselves for not wasting this time. Think of this as a grace time to rebuild yourself!

Here are some things you can try during the lockdown :



Now when I say reading, I don’t mean you pick up ‘The Great Gatsby’, the first thing if you’ve never even read a newspaper properly in your life.  Start small. There is so much content around us – newspapers, online news, e-Books, blogs, journals etc. You just have to figure out one source which fits your interest, and eventually, you may develop a reading habit, which will only contribute immensely to your existing knowledge. Start by reading a page or two every day, and build up slowly.



You probably must’ve come across this A LOT since last year, and I’m sure you guys must’ve already learned a couple of new skills. This is just a reminder to not stop. Learning a new skill or activity can have a huge impact on your physical as well as mental health, which is a necessity today. Take online courses, start baking/cooking, learn to play the guitar, pull out your canvases and paints, learn a new language, the possibilities are endless. Just try something new. Who knows, you might come out as a master chef, or a great singer after the lockdown ends!



The lockdown doesn’t imply that it’s time to sulk on the sofa, and binge-watch shows the entire day. Now if you’re someone who hates the idea of home workouts, go for a walk or a run outside. Go for cycling. Do yoga. Turn on the music and dance. If you can’t find an option, just walk inside your house, but get off the couch! Trust me, all this effort you put in will definitely count in the end, and you will be so happy!



Now don’t lie – you’re often guilty of mindlessly scrolling through social media for hours. Use this time as an opportunity to spend time with your spouse and children, re-connect with your friends and family, who you haven’t spoken to in months, and cherish all the fond memories over a Zoom call. Get in touch with your folks who you would’ve never managed to call earlier because both of you were too busy with your routine.



I’d say this is a great time to be conscious of the items that you have around you and how you used them – whether you even use all of them in the first place. Start organizing your stuff if you haven’t yet; it’s going to make things only easier for you.


Let’s face it – the reality outside has not really been pleasing to face, for the past few months, but that doesn’t mean that you should lose all hope and stay in your blankets. You cannot control the restrictions, but what you can do is improve yourself during this period. These are just a few tips that we have to beat the boredom, but there’s sooo much more that you can do to spend this time productively, without losing your sanity.

Stay safe, and take care of your mental health!